Officers, Board, and Committee Members


Church Officers

Moderator: Rev. Dr. Doug Showalter
Assistant Moderator: Doug Post
Clerk: Lois Post
Assistant Clerk: Deborah Porter
Treasurer: Verna Ross-Hoyt
Assistant Treasurer: Nancy Reed

Board of Deacons

Diana Budge, Vice Chair
Sam Butterfield
Elizabeth Hughes-Campbell
Mark Coombs
Susan Cotta
Jane Dolan
Dawn Durmis
Jim Hammond
Laurie McCoy
Nancy Medeiros
Lincoln Passmore
Linn Peterson, Chair

Board of Trustees

Dennis Albers
Neil Bottomley
Stephanie Clark
Edward Marks
Tom Mudgett
Barbara Northrup
Ed Pawlowski
Don Reinhardt, Chair
Dean Rizzo
Clifford Sampson
Tony Selvaggi
Carol Taylor

Auditing Committee

Jim Hammond
Edward Marks
David Snow

Christian Education Committee

Paul Dion, Chair
Kim Engle
Tina Kennedy
Allyson Lynch
Debbie Richters
Catherine Sampson
Jeanne Shaughnessy
Pat Shaughnessy
Jane Thomas

Membership and Evangelism Commitee

Suzanne Anderson
Linda Baier
Gina Basler
Judy Foster
Bonnie Koehler
Ellie Reinhardt
Glenda Richards, Chair

Mission and Outreach Committee

Sandra Bartlett
Norman Bingham-Maas
Paula Caramello
Marilyn Colburn
Susan Healy
David Lynch
Susie Passmore
Maureen Robinson, Chair
Pat Svajian

Music Commitee

Judy Donn
Rick Dower
Mike Dunfee
Diane Harting
David Peck

Nominating Commitee

Marna Blomberg
Geoff Campbell
Rosa Cook
Joseph Koehler
Peggy Lahey
Steve Triffletti, Chair

Publicity and Communications Committee

Lynne Athanase
Valerie Baumann, Chair
Bill Converse
Scott Sturgis

Stewardship Commitee

Joanna Albers
David Baier
Chris Bates
Jennifer Bingham-Mass
Valerie Baumann, Chair
Laura Curtin
Rose Wagner

United Church of Christ Delegation

Valerie Baumann
Laurie Bibby
Rev. Bill McCoy